Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Quick Update

Leather Moto Vest: Silence + Noise Urban Oufitters
Jean Vest: Goodwill Thrifted/ DIY
Sweaters: Striped + Grey boyfriend's
Grey Cardigan: American Apparel
Leggins + Jeans: H&M

A quick update of what I've been obsessed with wearing lately. Its starting to heat up again but I'm still always cold, so I started pairing my vests with really comfy sweaters. I have finals these next to weeks so with all the stress I tend to stick to a uniform, and this takes the comfortable cake. To mix it up I took an old jean jacket I thrifted, cut off the sleeves and put some pins on it from Dee*Lux, to wear when I got tired of the leather vest. The leather vest is super soft and super warm, I love to layer it under cardigans or with a hoodie to give them a edgy feel. 
Good luck to anyone else stuck with finals!

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