Sunday, July 14, 2013

How I dye my hair RED

People frequently ask me how I get my hair this oragne based firey red color. I've tried different processes but finally I have settled on this process that gives me the perfect red. My hair has been dyed red many times so this was just a root touch up.
I did, 30 min of "loreal red fire reds for dark hair" (pictured above) on my roots and then manic panics "wild fire"(pictured above) on the rest of the lenght of my hair for the last 20 min of the process got me this gorgeous color.
Since the dye has bleach in it to lift my hair to a blonde while depositing the red its best for the integrity of your hair to use a semi-permanent dye for the lengths. Yes it fades faster but its better than having to chemically cut off loads of dead ends.
To keep color fresh between colors you can mix the semi-permanent manic panic dye with your conditioner for a nice color mask, or mix it with your shampoo for a cheap color depositing shampoo!

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