Sunday, August 25, 2013

One Band Tee To Rule Them All

Good Morning sunshine, it's that time of year again, back to school. For my back to school post I decided to center it around my favorite Nirvana band tee. If I'm being perfectly honest I'm the kind of girl who will role out of bed in the morning and wear the band tee I slept in to school, quickly put on my make-up and roll out of bed. It may be gross but, I love sleep and I hate waking up! This post is for all you lazy girls out there who want some quick ideas to go from this:

To something more like this: 

This look incorporates a lot of layering, first I put on a American Apparel tube dress than the sheer sleveless button down from Forever 21, and over that I wore my Nirvana tee. The necklace I wearing is a Ruby in Fuschite tounge pendant I got at

My witchy looking shoes were purchased at Captain's Helm

Look 2:

Cropped Moto Jacket: H&M
Nirvana Band Tee
Levi's Spikey DIY shorts

This look is one that I love with a high messy bun. I have long hair and sometimes it's nice to have my mane out of my face, or not.

Riding Boots: Thrifted @ Captain's Helm

Look 3:

Red, yellow, and black flannel: Thrifted @ Dee*Lux
Riding Faux leopard leggins: Forver 21
This look is perfect for tossing on and going, the flannel will keep you warm in airconditioned classroom and looks efortlessly cool and totally 90s.

Jeffrey Campbell Stingers Silver: Urban Outfitters
(These are silver in real life but photographed gold for some reason.)

Hope this gives you some idea of how to dress up or down a band tee for school. 
Good luck~

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