Wednesday, August 21, 2013


This is a departure from the usual stuff I post, but with the help of my wonderful boyfriend HT, I re-did my room! I'm so happy with the results. It was feeling really cramped and I needed a change in my living space. Originally I painted the room aqua blue, and while it was calming, it clashed with the carpet and showed dust like crazy, I repainted the walls Swiss Coffee, my favorite off white shade. Then HT and his muscles moved my furniture around and ta-da new room.
The duvet cover  and faux fur throw rug are from IKEA, the painting over my bed is 'the four flowers' by Alfons Mucha, here's a larger version:

The furniture was picked up here at there, adjustable shelves from organized living, desk from JC Penny home, and my bed frame I have no clue. All in all I needed this change, the space is more open, brighter and cleaner.

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