Friday, September 20, 2013

Ombré Lip Turotial

Start off with applying foundation and concealer all over your face.

A good trick to make lipsticks stay longer and appear more vivid is to cover your lips with foundation.

Next apply a matte dark red lip liner on the inner part of your lips, like a geisha... almost.

next take a black lipstick

and line all around your lips, now is a good time to reshape your lips and do not worry about application perfection we're blending all of this into a nice gradient the more you look like a cartoon character/chola, the better.

Blend, I'm using my pinkie because I could no locate my lip brush, either works.

Keep blending.

"And you blend and blend and blend blending is the key." -Peg, Edward Scissorhands

Here's what my pinkie looked like when I was done.

And finally the finished product!

I like the black to be more concentrated around the outer parts and corner of my lips, this look can be applied to any color palliate so long as the outer color is darker. 

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