Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Oh I just can't wait to be king

For Halloween this year I decided to be Simba from one of my favorite movies, The Lion King. This make-up tutorial is super easy and very theatrical.
I started off with day 3 or 4 hair, the dirtier the better to hold the style.

Get some fake long nails to be your claws
I painted mine black
to give myself a poofy lion man I used this root pump by big sexy hair

apply the foam to the base of your roots where you want volume, 
I placed mine anywhere and everywhere

I then used this  Revlon blow dryer

Apply heat to the faom that has been drying on your root until completely dry

Next I took all my hair and braided it under my chin to form a mane like Simba's

Next, prep your face with primer and eye shadow primer

Apply a yellow color mixed with your usual foundation  for a golden glow

then apply a white liner under your eyes to shape them

Next use a brown shadow to contour the sides of your nose and fill in your brows. Then take a black liquid eyeliner or black creme make up and draw on your nose and a line leading down to the mouth.

take that same brown shade and cover your entire lid up to your brows. 

next, finish off your mouth with thin lines along your mouth slightly curving up at the ends

Then take a white creme color and start outlining the lighter portion of your muzzle and lightly feather in around your mouth.

finish off with some whiskers and eye liner to define and shape your eyes

I took my eyeliner down lower than usual to give the illussion of a more cat shapped eye and lightly lined my lower water line.

set with powder, spary your mane with hair spray remove the hair tye and you're done!

"Danger? Hah! I walk on the wild side. I laugh in the face of danger. Ha ha ha ha!"-Simba
Happy Halloween!

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