Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Voodoo Child

Mardi Gras Tee: Vintage
Black Jeggings: Target
Buckle Creepers: thrifted @ Dee*Lux
Sunnies: Dee*Lux

Black Watch: Bfs
Beads: gifted
Vivienne Westwood Orb bracelet 

Quick update, lately there has been a totally lack of color in my outfits, I don't know if its the season change or the fact that I've been studying my brains out at its easy to throw on neutral colors. This T-shirt is one of my favorites, my mom bought it long ago in New Orleans visiting family. Its perfectly worn in a a shirt I always know I'll be comfortable in. Paired it with my black jeggings and my buckle creepers for more comfort. 
The watch is my boyfriend's but I thought it would tie everything together perfectly since I love the goth, black on black on black on black look. The Vivienne Westwood orb bracelet is one of my favorites and gives this plain comfy look a bit of sparkle.
On another New Orleans note, I am so excited for this season of American Horror Story Coven, I'm clearly team Laveau.

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