Monday, November 18, 2013

Professional Loving

Shearling Parka- Ebay
Skate Rat Crop Top- Captain Fin @ Captain's Helm (Oceanside)
Velevet High Waisted Leggings- Forever 21
TUK- buckle creepers: Thrifted

The weather has been cooling down so I've been able to style these amazing high waisted velvet leggings. They are so comfortable and super warm. For this look I paired it with an old crop top and my favorite winter coat. The coat I got off of Ebay and its great because it has the aviator collar you can zip up and breathe into to warm your nose up, the coat is also lined with shearling for added warmth. Since the weather has been gloomy lately I've been listening to a  lot of Emika, she's a great artist with hauntingly beautiful abient goth sound (if that makes any sense haha) you might like her music!
Check her out here:

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  1. Hi
    Can you please tell me what size you purchased the parka in. Thankyou