Sunday, July 28, 2013

Lion Babe

Birthday OOTD: 7/27/'13
Cream Woven Cardigan: The Gap, vintage, Captain's Helm
Stripped Turtleneck Crop Top: American Apparel
Button Down Jean Skirt: Thrifted @ Long Beach
Brown Boots: Captain's Helm

 Yesterday was my birthday and I had to take some photos of my outfit since it was super cute and comfortable. The weather was nice and warm but with a cool breeze. I found this amazing jean skirt at a thrift store with my friend Hang for only 2 bucks! Such a steal, I've been realizing I have a thing for shorts or skirts with button closure fronts so when I found this skirt I could not pass it up. The stripped crop top I got at American Apparel. My initial idea for the piece was to layer it under sweaters for winter, but lately I've been busting it out for summer and playing with high waisted silhouettes. The shoes are my all time favorite boots, I'm probably going to be gettinga  boot tan from how much I've been wearing them this summer.

 My friends and I went to KBBQ and pigged out for my brithday, and Hang even got me a cake! I was lucky enough to get some really great gifts, even a Tyrion Lannister POP figure, damn it feels good to be a leo.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

My So Called Life...

Floral Cardigan: vintage
Eyelit Tank: American Apparel
Jeans: Dixie
Shoes: Thrifted @ Captain's Helm
Necklace: DIY

I love nothing more than an easy pair of distressed denim, a nice floral print and boots. Something about this outfit just screams 90s to me, but maybe that's just because I've been re-watching 'My So Called Life'. I cannot get enough of a good feminie floral print, this cardigan is a staple in my wardrobe when the weather warms up. It's super cute paired with jeans and a t-shirt or even a nice summer dress and some boots. The boots I'm wearing are my current favorite, picked them up back when I worked at Captain's Helm and I cannot take them off this summer. I will likely wear them to death. The Necklace is a combination of old Forever 21 necklaces I had that broke so I tried to repair them with a safety pin to give it a tad of a punk vibe. Anything can be fixed with a safety pin.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Red on red on red

Sweater: Urban Outfitters
Lipstick: MAC red satin finish
Gel Eye Linner: Maybeline Black
Necklace: Healing
Vivienne Westwood: Orb bracelette

SUPER late 4th of July photos. My idea of patriotism this year was just piling on red. I've been obsessed with the color lately, and experimenting with various tones all put together. I guess it's my inner Milessandre coming out, (aGOT watchers/readers will get this reference). Spent my 4th of July eating burgers, relaxing, watching fireworks from the house and doing summer school homework. Ain't no rest for the wicked.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

How I dye my hair RED

People frequently ask me how I get my hair this oragne based firey red color. I've tried different processes but finally I have settled on this process that gives me the perfect red. My hair has been dyed red many times so this was just a root touch up.
I did, 30 min of "loreal red fire reds for dark hair" (pictured above) on my roots and then manic panics "wild fire"(pictured above) on the rest of the lenght of my hair for the last 20 min of the process got me this gorgeous color.
Since the dye has bleach in it to lift my hair to a blonde while depositing the red its best for the integrity of your hair to use a semi-permanent dye for the lengths. Yes it fades faster but its better than having to chemically cut off loads of dead ends.
To keep color fresh between colors you can mix the semi-permanent manic panic dye with your conditioner for a nice color mask, or mix it with your shampoo for a cheap color depositing shampoo!