Monday, October 27, 2014

LUSHoween haul 2014

Style Icon: EMIKA

For a change of pace, I decided to start up a new written segment about some of my favorite Style Icons.
I'll be kicking things off with one of my more recent lady loves, Emika. Emika (aka Emma Jolly) is a Czech babe who makes some of the most beautifully haunting electronic music I've ever heard. She currently is residing in Berlin and has two albums under her belt, her self titled album Emika in 2011 and the second 2013's DVA. I love her not only because of her bold beats but also for her bold style.
Emika is  bold chick who is always taking risks. Her outfits in her music videos are always playing with light and dark concepts a Emika has a signature intense make-up look, she is always playing with intense black shadows and vivid red lips.  

Professional Loving:

Emika provides the perfect music for getting in the fall mood!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

OOTD: Santa Ana Art Walk

Outfit Of The Day Details:
Dress: Xhillaration @ Target
Shoes: Buckle Boots @ Forever 21
Black Leather Backpack: Vintage
Green Jacket (pictured below): Army Surplus

Last Saturday I went to down town Santa Ana's Art Walk with my beau, met up with his cousins and watched Repeated Measures play. The gig was at a vintage store which had a Studio Ghibli Themed Art installation up. The pieces were fantastic, lots of Totoro and some Mononoke Hime (which is my FAVORITE Ghibli movie of all time!). There was even these really cute Pokemon brushes with characters painted on the back but I sucessfully stopped myself from buying the Vulpix one because I do not need a fourth brush for my hair.
I pieced together this outfit because it was super humid during the day, so a dress is always easy to just chuck on and go. I paired this dress with my buckle boots to give it a more casual vibe (plus they're super comfy for strolling around town) and the black leather back pack to match. The jacket I threw on when the sun went down to keep warm.
You can check out Repeated Measure Here:
(His album drops in August, I highly suggest checking him out!)
All of these following photos were shot by check him out if you need an incredibly talented photographer.
Repeated Measures by

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Nail Art

I've always had a bad habit of biting my nails and to break myself out of the cycle I use fake nails. I bought a big pack of kiss nails, some nail glue and made some magic happen. I shaped the nails into an oval shape painted them this pretty iridescent icy blue with silver tips. If you have trouble biting your nails and want to grow out the real deal, this might be just the trick! It helps me entice myself into growing out my real nails and giving them a well deserved break from my bad habit. 

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Mask of Magnamity

Lately, I've been having a ton of issues with keeping my hormonal acne in check. I went to LUSH awhile back and picked up 'Mask of Magnaminty'. The all natural peppermint, kaolin and  adzuki beans recipie leaves your skin feeling refreshed and deeply cleansed. It can be used as either a cleanser or face mask. The packaging says to leave the mask on for 30 mintues but I love to leave it on for the length of a bath, which is about an hr for me. It leaves my skin hydrated and my pores super small. 
The adzuki beans can dry and flake off so be aware that if you intend to talk, eat or move your face a lot while enjoying a mask, this might not be the mask for you. It will flake and leave reminants all over. It disolves easily in water and doesn't stain hair or clothes. All in all I've found a new staple in my skin care regime and a new favorite place to try all natural face masks!

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Renaissance Faire

This past weekend I went to 'The Renaissance Pleasure Faire' with my bfff Hang Bone. I have been a couple of times in the past, but not with Hang. I decided to put together and outfit with pieces I had in my closet inspired by my favorite all time female of A Song of Ice and Fire, Lyanna Stark. Here are some photos:
 The rivalry continues.

Gandalf the grey!
 Henna tattoos
Outfit details:
Navy Blue Flower Crown: DIY (click here to view)
Navy Blue Slip: Vintage
Lace Top: Forever 21
Pale Blue Rose Print Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Brown Boots: Thrifted at Captain's Helm
I decided to go with pieces that I already had in my wardrobe that would also be coolest for the 90 degree weather. I was surprised they all shared my favorite color, blue in common. Which spawned the idea for the really half assed Lyanna Stark "cosplay" in the pictures above. Next time I would love to have a dress made by my good friend at Royal Enchantments, so I can do Lyanna better justice. Till next year Ren Faire.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

How I Style: Cutout Boots


From top to bottom L to R:
Rose Queen Bath Bomb
Sakura Bath Bomb
Dragon's Egg Bath Ballistic
About a week ago I made my first trip ever to LUSH! I have only heard of LUSH previously because I has recieved a sakura soap bar from my friend Liz back in high school. I went to my local LUSH for the first time and picked up these bath bombs.
I picked Rose Queen first, it's a smaller bath bomb but its packed with rosebuds, which are good for the skin and smell fantastic. When I used the bath bomb the water was colored a lovely pastel pink and various roses floated on the water, primrose and tuberose are the most noteable. It could be difficult to clean out the petals if you don't have a catcher on your bath tub drain. You can pick up a tub drain catcher at a ACE hardware store for around 3$.
I have yet to use the blue and pink bath bomb, Sakura. However I picked it becuase it is said to be influenced by a spring afternoon amogst cherry blossoms drinking a bottle of sake. The scent is a very clean floral scent, not as overpowering as say Sex Bomb or Rose Queen. I will update this post once I have used the Sakura bath bomb.
And last but certanly not least is Dragon's Egg. I love this bath bomb it has notes of lemon bergamont and jasmine turns the water a lovely gold glitter color. This bath ballistic has chunks of shea it in that moisturize your skin as you soak in liquid gold. If you like citrus smells and want a nice treat after a hard day, Dragon's Egg may be just the bath baliistic for you.
If you've never been to a LUSH store I really reccomend it, you will not be dissapointed.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review: Benefit's They're Real! Mascara

Awhile ago I was given a sample tube of Benefit's They're Real! mascara from my good friend Hang Bone.
I've been eager to try out this mascara because the wand is supposed to be great for getting each lash coated with mascara, so I gave it a try. The wand has spindles all over it and bigger ones at the very tip of the wand which allow more maneuverability and getting those lashes in the inner corners of your eyes. However a word to the wise, watch out with how close you get the wand to your eyelid, it smudges easily and any water on this mascara formula will cause the mascara to run, thus making you look like a sad panda. Also, I don't know if this was my own clumsiness but when I tried to get my lashes in the corners I just succeeded at poking my eyelid and causing myself to tear up, make the product run and then start my eye make up all over again.. I'm used to a bristled soft mascara wand so this wand took some getting used to. Once I finally figured out the optimum spacing between the wand and my eye lid, I have to say I enjoyed this mascara, the formula thickens and lengthens lashes and for a naturally full lashed girl like myself, it's nice too have the look of false lashes with just a boost to my natural lashes. If you have sparse lashes I definitely recommend this product, but keep in mind that it runs if any minute amount of moisture gets on it.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

MADE Pop-Up Store 3/15/14

I went to downtown LA for the MADE pop-up store event featuring Julia Love's new line Celestial, jewelry by Caitlin Crimmins Designs and the latest from Candy Strike.
Celestial by Julia Love:

Amethyst shoulder piece by Caitlin Crimmins Designs

 The ladies in evening wear, wait for my video for more details of these gorgeous gowns!

Party photos:

The models, instagraming it up!

Hang and the ladies! Dash is giving you legs for days.

Cybil and the ladies, designer of Julia Love.

Mini high school reunion. 

Bronze dress by Julia Love
The event was so much fun! My favorites from the new line are, silk black capri pants (I'm wearing in this vlog), the orange iridescent cocktail dress, the tweed high waisted shorts with the silver bandeau, and the amethyst shoulder piece! The video from the event should be up sometime within the week, be sure to check back for when it goes live!
If you'd like to see more from the designers: