Thursday, January 30, 2014

AMHS Coven OOTD & thoughts

Here are some quick stills from my Outfit Of The Day AMHSCoven video, which you can watch here.

**Warning! This post does contain spoilers if you have not seen the season finale I suggest you catch up.**

This season of AMHS was a bit of a love-hate for me. First I'll start of with what I loved, the styling. Every character had such a distinct way of dressing and such impeccable designer tastes it was gag worthy (Balenciagaaaaaaa anyone?). Lou Eryrich, the costume designer for this season went above and beyond making sure everyone was dressed and styled flawlessly. The set design and cinematography was absolutely breath taking, set designer Mark Worthington chose the perfect back drop to showcase these clad in black witches. Need I mention the spectacular foray with the stair case? The house was so sophisticated in its design, visually this season was a treat for my eyes.
Now onto where I started to have problems with this season. Its obvious, being a Cajun girl myself, that Misty Day was my favorite witch. I loved her and honestly could not stand episodes without her. Though her origins story was a bit of a caricature of Cajun culture (Not all of us are bible thumpers who freak out at the sign of "da debo's necromancy".) I was happy to see my culture being represented by such a lovely actress in Lily Rabe. However her death was so anticlimatic and a real dissapointment for me. 
Some other characters I was glad to see from my Louisiana heritage were Marie Laveau and Madame Delphine Lalaurie. Lalaurie was a real woman as was Laveau and both still have a presence in New Orleans today even after their deaths. You can visit the Lalaurie house in the french quarter and Laveau's grave and draw "XXX" to get good luck from the Voodoo queen. However for me there wasn't enough of them or their lore. Voodoo has so much history and depth to its beliefs and rituals that the show just glossed over. There was so many missed opportunities for good horror scares with the house of Hoodoo, Voodoo rituals and deities. One of my favorite character dynamics was that of Laveau and Lalaurie which fell by the way side in the third to last episode. It left me with an empty feeling, like the characters had not grown or revealed different sides of themselves which was something I loved about the second season. Instead everyone stayed the same and didn't learn any lessons, only stayed in their own personal hell. 
 All of these problems and the lack of horror I can attribute to the writing. While there were some hilarious quips between characters this season was horribly lacking in the horror department. Coven read more like a teen drama than anything else to me. There were so many opportunities for good horror scares, or character development that just weren't taken. When everything was said and done this season cashed out on the witch trend in fashion this year which read more like an American Goth Story not  an American Horror Story.

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  1. Just discovered your blog and I can see that you're a fellow Coven lover! Misty was my favorite character too~! I absolutely adore her style! I found the ending a bit disappointing because I kinda wanted Misty to be the supreme. Or maybe even Fiona haha. I too expected more from Marie Laveau's character but the writers kinda lost the plot. haha. I'd love it if you dropped by to my blog at and if you like, we could follow each other!