Saturday, January 11, 2014

Beauty Tip: Rosewater

    Rosewater is a beauty secret of the ancients, Cleopatra is rumored to have bathed in it as a beauty treatment for her skin. It can be used as a face and body lotion or wherever skin may need soothing. It is also a natural toner that fades scars and skin imperfections without stripping the skin's moisture. It is a natural alternative to a harsh toner for those with sensitive skin.
Since I have combination skin, which gets dry in the winter I tried incorporating rosewater into my routine. I swung by my local Whole Foods and picked up some plain Rosepetals rosewater and Rosewater & Glycerin spray by the Heritage Store. 
In my everyday routine after, I wash my face with the Rose Dove Soap bar I shake the bottle of Rosewater & Glycerin and spray it over my entire face. Depending on the amount of time I have to get ready I will either let it absorb into my skin or swipe it around with a cotton pad to make it dry quicker. I repeat this process in the evening sometimes switching out to the Rosewater, depending on how dry my skin is. The Glycerin formula is very hydrating and sometimes feels a little heavy on my eye lids so I will switch to the Rose Petals formula when the weather is more humid.
One of my favorite ways to indulge with rosewater is to incorporate it into my bath routine.
When I take a bath, I like to spray my face with the Rose Petals Rosewater and let it get deep into pores. I'll do this twice and then take my Rice Powder Face Wash by Fresh(The one pictured above is super old special edition from when Memoirs of a Geisha came out but, they still make this rice face wash!) and pat it on to my face in thin layers, making a mask. I then sit back and relax and wash it off when I am done. You can also add some Rosewater to the bath water for a lovely scent and natural skin treatment. Rosewater is also good for those with eczema because of its soothing non-drying properties.

In the summer, Rosewater a great way to refresh dehydrated skin, cleanse pores and can even be used a nice body spray.
I really recommend these products if you have sensitive dry to combination skin, especially during these dry winter months!

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