Thursday, April 10, 2014

Review: Benefit's They're Real! Mascara

Awhile ago I was given a sample tube of Benefit's They're Real! mascara from my good friend Hang Bone.
I've been eager to try out this mascara because the wand is supposed to be great for getting each lash coated with mascara, so I gave it a try. The wand has spindles all over it and bigger ones at the very tip of the wand which allow more maneuverability and getting those lashes in the inner corners of your eyes. However a word to the wise, watch out with how close you get the wand to your eyelid, it smudges easily and any water on this mascara formula will cause the mascara to run, thus making you look like a sad panda. Also, I don't know if this was my own clumsiness but when I tried to get my lashes in the corners I just succeeded at poking my eyelid and causing myself to tear up, make the product run and then start my eye make up all over again.. I'm used to a bristled soft mascara wand so this wand took some getting used to. Once I finally figured out the optimum spacing between the wand and my eye lid, I have to say I enjoyed this mascara, the formula thickens and lengthens lashes and for a naturally full lashed girl like myself, it's nice too have the look of false lashes with just a boost to my natural lashes. If you have sparse lashes I definitely recommend this product, but keep in mind that it runs if any minute amount of moisture gets on it.

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